Dr.-Ing. Volker Gravemeier is founder, shareholder and chief executive officer of AdCo EngineeringGW.

Professional Career

Volker Gravemeier received a diploma with the best graduation in Civil Engineering from Universität Kaiserslautern in 1999 and a PhD from Universität Stuttgart in 2003 („summa cum laude“, thesis title: „The variational multiscale method for laminar and turbulent flow“). Afterwards, he worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow and Feodor Lynen Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation at the Center for Turbulence Research (CTR), a research center on turbulence jointly operated by Stanford University and NASA Ames Research Center. In 2005 and 2006, he was a research associate at the Institute for Computational Mechanics at Technische Universität München. In 2006, he was elected to be a member of the Emmy Noether Program of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation, DFG), an exceptionally prestigious program for promoting highly-qualified young scientists. The Emmy Noether research group headed by Dr.-Ing. Volker Gravemeier at Technische Universität München from 2007 through 2011 on “Computational Multiscale Methods for Turbulent Combustion in Complex Geometries” was the first ever Emmy Noether research group in the field of computational mechanics. In 2010, he worked again for three months as a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Turbulence Research at Stanford University.

Honors and Awards

Dr.-Ing. Volker Gravemeier was awarded multiple times for his work, for example, with

Professional Activities

Dr.-Ing. Volker Gravemeier has teaching assignments both in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Technische Universität München and at the European School of Computer Aided Engineering Technology and regularly gives lectures on computational methods. Furthermore, he is or has been, respectively,

  • project manager of various projects funded both by public organizations and industry,
  • reviewer for several of the leading international scientific journals and organizations,
  • invited presenter at leading scientific conferences,
  • multiply-cited author of publications in leading international scientific journals (see list of publications in comprehensive curriculum vitae),
  • developer of pioneering computational methods,
  • co-developer of BACI, one of the most powerful research software platforms in the field of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) in the world,
  • member of the NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group, and
  • member of the selection board of the “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes ”, the German National Academic Foundation (since 2009).


Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae and Publications

You can find a comprehensive curriculum vitae of Dr.-Ing. Volker Gravemeier, including a list of publications and presentations, here.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang A. Wall is founder and shareholder of AdCo EngineeringGW.

Professional Career

Wolfgang A. Wall graduated in Civil Engineering (major: Structural Engineering) from Universität Innsbruck, Austria, (with distinction, best graduation ever) and received his PhD from Universität Stuttgart (“summa cum laude“, thesis title: “Fluid structure interaction with stabilized finite elements “). Important steps in his professional career and employment history are

Honors and Awards (selection)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang A. Wall was awarded multiple times for his work, among others, with

Appointments and elected positions (selection)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang A. Wall was appointed or elected to the following positions:

Memberships (selection)


You can find a comprehensive list of publications by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang A. Wall on the website of the Institute for Computational Mechanics.