Seminars / Advanced Training

AdCo EngineeringGW offers seminars on computer-based methods, including the following topics:
  • Computer-based methods for solid and structural mechanics
  • Computer-based methods for fluid mechanics
  • Computer-based methods for fluid-structure-interaction
If desired, we can also offer seminars on other topics relevant to your specific needs. Participants attending our seminars usually come from a broad spectrum of organizations, such as companies, universities and research institutes. By arrangement, we can also arrange for internal seminars within your company. If you are interested in one of our seminars, we will be happy to provide you with more information; please contact us via:


For exemplarily giving an impression of potential contents of our seminars, in the following, we provide the contents of courses recently held by staff members of AdCo EngineeringGW within the scope of the master degree course “Applied Computational Mechanics” of the “European School of Computer Aided Engineering (ESOCAET)”:

„Advanced CFD“, Held BY Dr.-Ing. Volker Gravemeier:

Participants of our seminars in the field of “fluid dynamics and coupled problems”, on the one hand, get an extended overview on numerical methods for the solution of problems arising in the context of fluid mechanics. In particular, the most important challenges in this context are addressed. In the course of the seminar, on the other hand, the scope will be widened from “pure” flow problems to coupled flow problems such as fluid-structure-interaction as well as flow problems coupled to scalar transport phenomena. To address these coupled problems adequately, the numerical methods have to be reconsidered with respect to the additional and potentially different challenges posed by such coupled multi-physics applications.


Part I: Computational methods for fluid mechanics

1) Introduction
2) Equations of fluid mechanics
3) Computational (finite) methods
4) Stationary scalar transport equations
5) Time-dependent scalar transport equations
6) Incompressible Navier-Stokes equations

Part II: Solution of flow and coupled flow problems

7) Methods for solving systems of linear equations
8) Solution approaches to coupled problems
9) Solution of incompressible Navier-Stoker equations
10) Volume-coupled problem: flow and scalar transport
11) Surface coupled problem: fluid-structure-interaction


“Geometrically Nonlinear and Contact Analysis”, Held by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Popp

The participants of our seminars in the field of “solid mechanics” gain insights into problems of solid mechanics with nonlinearities, which have to be taken into accout in almost all simulations. These nonlinearities are caused, for example, by large deformations or non-linear contact, and engineers usually cannot neglect their influences. However, an adequate treatment of these nonlinearities requires comprehensive knowledge of the methodological background. We will familiarize the participants with the sources and causes of such nonlinearities and the most important computational methods for solving problems of nonlinear solid mechanics.


1) Introduction to nonlinear modeling
2) Important phenomena in geometrically nonlinear problems
3) Introduction to non-linear continuum mechanics
4) Tools for geometrically nonlinear problems
5) Stability and determining critical points
6) Finite elements for geometrically non-linear problems
7) Introduction to nonlinear dynamics
8) Introduction to contact modeling
9) Contact constraint enforcement techniques
10) Contact discretization techniques
11) Contact search and solution algorithms
12) Practical examples with commercial and research software